analytisch, systematisch, ziel- und lösungsorientiert

5S-Method, analyze status-quo, target development process, methodical approach (FMEA, SWOT, Risk Analyse tools, Action Planning, Planned vs. Current and Gap Analysis, Correction Mapping, Lessons Learned, Reporting / Documentation,… etc.)

Workplace design (ergonomic principles, cleanliness, poka joke, FIFO, Process Flowchart, working instructions, Failure Catalogue, visual instructions / documentation and training, VA / VE concepts.

Change Management

Controlling Process

Shop-Floor planning & design, material flow and layout planning

Working shift modules (Part-time, Full-time, Flexi-time, 15-Shift up to 21-Shift)

Container management and load carrier planning (customer specific / tailor made)

Group work modules (Work-Flow analysis, organizational structures, modern team & working concepts, implementation supervision & moderation… etc.)

ROI and Amortisation Calculation (investment controlling)

Detailed knowledge of ISO TS 16949, VDA 6.3, Internal Auditor ISO 9001

KAIZEN, CIP, Ishikawa, Poka Joke, KANBAN

KPI implementation, production controlling, SWOT analysis, optimization process…etc.

Plastics & Polymers: types / utilization, production & product processing, thermosetting plastics, Thermoplastics and Elastomers, tool types and specifics, 2K technology, procurement experience in materials and tools.

Supply Chain Management, logistic processes and optimization concepts.

Metal: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, cast iron, metal sections, sheet metal and plates, production operations, coating and surface protections

MTM method, REFA

PPAP and APQP (Q-Processes and Q-Gates)

Lean Production System

Process analysing and waste prevention

VA/VE, Target-Costing system

Value Flow design, Sankey-Diagram, Value Analyse